The Fleet

As a market leader, HANSA HEAVY LIFT currently operates more than 20 multipurpose heavy-lift freighters and thus presides over the largest fleet in the heavy-lift and project market. The equipment of our vessels highlights our drive to sail among the very best:

  • The ships of our fleet have an average age of four years, thus correspond to the newest operational and equipment standards.
  • The onboard crane harnesses have a combined lift capacity of 1,400 tons and facilitate the loading and discharging of cargoes around the world – independent of the local infrastructure.
  • Box-shaped stowage spaces with hatch openings of up to 86 meters offer ample room for oversized, bulky cargoes.
  • The relatively large carrying capacity of the ships and the flexibly usable cargo spaces and tweendecks allow even great volumes to be transported in a price-efficient manner.
  • The fleet can easily travel along sea routes with an ice thickness of up to 1.0 meters (Ice Class Certification E3 according to the GL Classification, corresponds to the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class 1A).
  • Our standard, identically constructed ship classes guarantee the certain availability of vessels as the time of the transport
  • By virtue of our flexible fleet, highlighted by the ship types P1/P2 and F, we are able to offer our customers truly customized solutions.

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