HANSA HEAVY LIFT expands in Latin America
HANSA HEAVY LIFT has opened a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as part of ongoing expansion plans.
The new set up will be managed by Gilberto Lima, who joins from Wasa Projects and Logistics Ltd. and has three decades of experience in shipping, much of it with a focus on project and heavy lift cargo.
“HANSA HEAVY LIFT has the largest fleet in the heavy lift market, with ships that are on average only four years old,” said Gilberto Lima, Managing Director HANSA HEAVY LIFT DO BRASIL. “We are looking forward to introducing our Latin American customers to the benefits of those specialized vessels and the care of our team of experts.”
The Brazil office opened at the beginning of February, just one month after HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s new Australian branch was set up. HANSA HEAVY LIFT has expanded to have five offices, in Perth / Australia, Houston / USA, Sao Paulo / Brazil, Singapore and headquarters in Hamburg / Germany as well as eleven exclusive agents worldwide.
“Latin America is an important and vibrant market for the heavy lift industry,” said Joerg Roehl, Chief Commercial Officer of HANSA HEAVY LIFT. “We are delighted that Gilberto is joining our group and adds his extensive experience within the heavy lift industry to the team.”
HANSA HEAVY LIFT will be exhibiting at the Intermodal South America show in Sao Paulo from the first to the third of April. The Brazilian team will also be joined on booth number G45 by senior members of the management team.
Office address & Contact:

Rua Maestro Cardim Nr.1293
Suite 94 - 9o andar - Paraiso.
Sao Paulo
Brazil CEP 01323 – 001
Phone: +55 11 3149 4466

HANSA HEAVY LIFT expands its presence in Australia
As part of ongoing expansion plans HANSA HEAVY LIFT has extended its network with a newly- established set up in Australia, based in Perth, and effective from the first of January 2014.
The office is managed by John McNamara and Trent Robson, who have considerable experience in the project and heavy lift shipping industry. They report into HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s regional headquarters for Australasia, based in Singapore and headed up by Jesper Traerup.
John and Trent said that HANSA HEAVY LIFT has the youngest fleet available in the market and provides Australia with a true alternative to the traditional heavy lift operators. They said they were looking forward to servicing their client base with the full support of the HANSA HEAVY LIFT team.
HANSA HEAVY LIFT now has eleven exclusive agents worldwide, as well as the Perth office and offices in Singapore, Houston and headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.
“We are pleased to welcome HANSA HEAVY LIFT Australia to the family,” said Joerg Roehl, Chief Commercial Officer of HANSA HEAVY LIFT. “Australia represents an exciting and growing market for us, and we are delighted to have two such experienced industry players to head up our operation there.”

Office Address & Contact:
HANSA HEAVY LIFT (AUST) Pty. Ltd. Lvl 28, The AMP Tower
140 St Georges Tce
Perth 6000
Western Australia
Phone: + 61 8 92884573

HANSA HEAVY LIFT successfully navigates the Northern Sea Route
Two of HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s P2-Class vessels have successfully navigated the Northern Sea Route before its winter closure this month.
HHL Lagos and HHL Hong Kong, both E3 ice-class vessels equivalent to Russian L1, safely delivered infrastructure cargo and large tugs from the Russian Baltic to the Far East using the Route, which will reopen in June. Both vessels are equipped with two 700 tonnes cranes, combinable to 1400 tonnes.
This is the first time a P-Type vessel has made a journey via the Northern Sea Route.
“Russia remains an important and developing market for us,” said Joerg Roehl, Chief Commercial Officer at HANSA HEAVY LIFT GmbH. “We are proud of our recent achievements there, especially with regards to the upcoming Yamal LNG Project. We want our customers to know that we have the equipment and the experience to deliver heavy lift cargo to and from remote areas, and, when needed, through the Northern Sea Route. Despite difficult weather conditions for part of the journey, the Northern Sea Route saved us almost two weeks’ steaming time, which meant we could support our customers with their delivery schedules.”
HHL Hong Kong loaded four assembled cranes, each weighing 400 tonnes, and measuring 56 meters high at Ust Luga, Russia, on October 16th.
Ten days later HHL Lagos loaded six tug boats, weighing a maximum 700 tonnes, at the Port of St. Petersburg, Russia.
“From the very beginning of this complicated project we were aware that the HHL Hong Kong would only have two options to deliver this cargo to its final destination. The Suez Canal was not a solution because of air draft limitations. Sending the vessel around the Cape of Good Hope was possible, but not commercially viable. After careful planning and obtaining all the necessary permits from the Russian Federation, we decided to send the vessel via the Northern Sea Route, which guaranteed the timely delivery of the cargo. This voyage was undertaken under Russian cabotage waiver as the Russian fleet does not have vessels of this type,” said Joerg Roehl.
The HHL Lagos, booked for a similar route, was also sent via the Northern Sea Route to save bunkers, ensure shorter transit times, and to avoid the high risk area around the Gulf of Aden.

HANSA HEAVY LIFT gains ISO management and environmental accreditation
HANSA HEAVY LIFT's management systems for both its offices and its vessels have been ISO 9001:2008 and IS0 14001:2004 certified.
The ISO 9001 standard demonstrates HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s commitment to quality, process- oriented management.
ISO 14001, the internationally recognized standard for the environmental management of business, underlines HANSA’s dedication to the protection of the environment, with a focus on measures to improve energy efficiency and eliminate pollution.
"We are committed to raising standards further, and we are currently working towards health and safety management standard OHSAS 18001, which we aim to implement in December.” said Steve Dawson, Director Ship Management, HANSA HEAVY LIFT.
“We consider these standards to be integral to our business principles.”
ISO 9001:2008 sets out the criteria for a quality management system, whilst ISO 14000 address environmental management.

HANSA HEAVY LIFT appoints Energy Project Shipping ApS (EPS) as its exclusive agent in Scandinavia
HANSA HEAVY LIFT has appointed Energy Project Shipping ApS (EPS) as its exclusive agent in Scandinavia, part of the ongoing expansion of its global agency network.
Headquartered in Risskov, Denmark, EPS will cover northern Europe and Scandinavia, with a focus on the energy sector.
“I am excited to be joining HANSA as it moves to further develop its involvement in the energy business and strengthen its customer base in Scandinavia and northern Europe,” said EPS managing director, Jeppe Frank.
Frank has over 15 years’ experience in the project shipping industry, previously working for Baltship and Chr Jensen Shipping in both Europe and Asia, managing large-scale global projects.
“Scandinavia and northern Europe are important markets for HANSA HEAVY LIFT,” said Joerg Roehl, chief commercial officer of the Group, headquartered in Hamburg. “We are committed to developing a strong network of professionals with industry-specific knowledge, and solid local connections, and we are proud to have an experienced partner like EPS on board to further extend HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s global network and to reinforce our direct approach to the needs of our customers.”
HANSA HEAVY LIFT now has a network of ten exclusive agents worldwide, as well as offices in Singapore, Houston - USA, and headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.
Office Address & Contact:

EPS - Energy Project Shipping ApS
Viengevej 100
8240 Risskov, Denmark
Phone: +45 81100510

HANSA HEAVY LIFT has set a new record with the delivery into Russia of its heaviest cargo since the company’s launch in 2011.
The P2-Class vessel “HHL Lagos” delivered four reactors and two barges for the Achinsk Refinery Plant, discharged in the port of Dudinka in north-central Russia, in the middle of July.
At the beginning of June “HHL Lagos” loaded the reactors, one weighing 1306 mts, and three weighing between 364 mts and 609 mts at Porto Marghera, Italy, and the barges, each weighing 610 mts, at the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
“Lifting units with a weight close to maximum lifting capacity are always a challenge,” said Joerg Roehl, CCO at HANSA HEAVY LIFT. “And in this case, the reactors had to be safely discharged onto barges at Dudinka. We are being asked by our customers to carry ever heavier cargoes, and so it is a challenge that we are well prepared for. We have the right fleet and we have an in-house engineering team with the right expertise.”
“HHL Lagos”, one of HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s E3 ice-class P-2 vessels, equipped with two 700 mts cranes combinable to 1400 mts, overcame heavy ice conditions at the approach to the Yenisey River leading into Dudinka.
“Russia is an important and developing market for us,” said Rohl. “There is lots going on and we expect to see more industrial developments which our fleet will be ideally placed to handle.”
HANSA HEAVY LIFT, which operates a fleet of 23 vessels (incl. one vessel on long-term charter) with an average age of 3 years, claimed its new record just three weeks after moving a 1,283 mts reactor and two reactors weighing 350-568 mts from Japan to Russia, at the time its heaviest cargo since launching of the company.

HANSA HEAVY LIFT appoints Roger Iliffe as Interim CEO
HANSA HEAVY LIFT board member Roger Iliffe has been appointed by Oaktree Capital, 100% shareholder of the shipping company, as interim CEO, and replaces Tomas Dyrbye whilst the company searches for a replacement.
Oaktree’s plan is to continue significant investment into the project heavy lift market and further expand HANSA HEAVY LIFT through fleet growth and further consolidation. The focus will be on the oil and gas sector, EPCs, and other demanding engineering sectors.
“We would like to take this opportunity of thanking Tomas for his contribution, and wishing him well for the future,” said Iliffe, who was acting CEO for HANSA HEAVY LIFT when the company launched in 2011.

HANSA HEAVY LIFT erweitert weltweites Agentennetzwerk mit neuer Agentur in Indien
HANSA HEAVY LIFT baut ihr globales Agentennetzwerk weiter aus. Seit Anfang Januar wird HANSA HEAVY LIFT exklusiv von der Agentur „Allcargo Logistics Ltd.“ in Indien vertreten.

Tomas Dyrbye, CEO HANSA HEAVY LIFT, erklärt: „Indien ist ein Wachstumsmarkt mit viel Potential im Projekt- und Heavy-Lift Geschäft. Die Repräsentanz eines exklusiven Agenten vor Ort ist für HANSA HEAVY LIFT ein wichtiger strategischer Schritt, den Service für unsere Kunden in dieser Region auszubauen, um unseren hohen Ansprüchen gerecht zu werden. Wir sind froh, dass wir mit `Allcargo Logistics Ltd. ́ einen erfahrenen Agenten in Indien für unser Team gewinnen konnten."

Shashi Kiran Shetty, Chairman and Managing Director, Allcargo Logistics Ltd.: „Ich freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit mit HANSA HEAVY LIFT. Das Unternehmen hat seine klar definierten Ziele schon unter Beweis gestellt: Eine hohe Kundenzufriedenheit und dass es zu den Weltmarktführern im Projekt- und Heavy-Lift Geschäft gehört.“

Neuer Berater in West-Australien
HANSA HEAVY LIFT hat einen neuen Berater in Australien. Für den westaustralischen Wachstumsmarkt im Heavy-Lift-Segment wird Berndt R. Olesen als Senior Advisor von HANSA HEAVY LIFT in Perth ernannt. Damit baut HANSA HEAVY LIFT das Serviceangebot für ihre Kunden weiter aus.

Berndt R. Olesen verfügt über mehr als 40 Jahre Erfahrung in der Schifffahrtsbranche – davon alleine fünf Jahre in West-Australien. In dieser Zeit bekleidete er verschiedene Führungspositionen für den Hafen von Geraldton und bei SAL. Er war bei mehreren wichtigen Infrastruktur-, Bergbau- sowie Öl- und Gasprojekten beteiligt. Berndt R. Olesen führt aus: „Ich freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit mit HANSA HEAVY LIFT – einem Weltmarktführer im Schwergutgeschäft.“

HANSA HEAVY LIFT stellt Rekord im Hafen von Mumbai auf
Die HHL Richards Bay hat im Hafen von Mumbai einen neuen Rekord aufgestellt. Das Engineering Team von HANSA HEAVY LIFT konnte insgesamt fünf Reaktoren
(2 x 930 Tonnen in Mumbai & 3 x 360 Tonnen in Dahej) auf der HHL Richards Bay sicher verladen. Dabei handelte es sich um die schwerste Beladung via Kai, die bisher in Mumbai stattfand.

„Besonders stolz macht mich, dass unser Engineering Team für unseren Kunden eine einmalige Leistung erbracht hat. Wir konnten aufgrund des Gewichts der Reaktoren die Beladung ausschließlich während der Flut durchführen“, erklärt Tomas Dyrbye, CEO von HANSA HEAVY LIFT. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit musste das vorher entwickelte Konzept sicher umgesetzt werden. Das Gewicht der Reaktoren wäre während der Ebbe zu hoch für eine Beladung der HHL Richards Bay im Hafen von Mumbai gewesen. Eine zusätzliche Herausforderung stellte noch die Lastverteilung an Deck dar. Die beiden 930 Tonnen Reaktoren wurden an Deck und die restlichen unter Deck gesichert.
Trotz der Monsunzeit konnte die HHL Richards Bay nach einer Woche in Paradip die Fracht wieder sicher entladen.

Tomas Dyrbye: „Wir haben für unseren Kunden ein hoch kompliziertes Projekt sicher und in kurzer Zeit abgewickelt. Das ist ein erneuter Beweis, dass HANSA HEAVY LIFT über ein erfahrenes und hochqualifiziertes Team verfügt und dass unsere moderne Flotte von P-Klasse Schiffen außergewöhnliche Verladungen durchführen kann."

HANSA HEAVY LIFT vollendete ein komplexes Hafenentwicklungsprojekt in Chile
Die HHL Tokyo beförderte auf ihrer Reise von Deutschland nach Punta Lackwater, in Chile einen Shiploader. Die Aufgabe des Schiffes war neben dem Transport des Shiploaders auch dessen Montage.  Diese Operation verlangte nicht nur unserem Ingenieurteam, unserem Schiff und der Crew an Bord alles ab, sondern bedurfte auch einer sorgfältigen Planung im Vorfeld.

Das Schiff konnte die Reise früher als erwartet zu Ende bringen und alle Beteiligten waren mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden.

HHL Hong Kong nimmt Abkürzung über die Nordostpassage
Zum ersten Mal seit Gründung von HANSA HEAVY LIFT Anfang Juni letzten Jahres, passierte ein Schwergutschiff der Reederei erfolgreich die Nordostpassage. Die knapp zwei Jahre alte „HHL Hong Kong“ gehört zu der P2-Klasse der aus 14 P1/P2-Klasse und 7 F-Klasse Schiffen bestehenden HANSA HEAVY LIFT Schwergutflotte. Alle Schiffe der Reederei verfügen über die finnisch-schwedische Eisklasse IA, die das Befahren der Nordost- und Nordwestpassage zulässt.

Für eine russische Kraftwerksanlage wurde die hochsensible Fracht bestehend aus einem Generator mit einem Gewicht von 342 Tonnen und einer Gasturbine mit einem Gewicht von 314 Tonnen im niederländischen Hafen Rotterdam innerhalb kurzer Zeit sicher geladen. Eine besondere Rolle spielten dabei die speziell für den anschließenden Weitertransport über Land entwickelten Transportgestelle, welche das Eigengewicht der Ladung um je 60 Tonnen erhöhte. Aus diesem Grund mussten kurzfristig der „COG“ und die „lifting points“ angepasst werden. Gelöscht wurden die Kraftwerkskomponenten im russischen Hafen Novy Port. Von dort ging die sensible Ladung dann auf einem auf Schwergut ausgerichtetem Schienensystem an ihren Bestimmungsort Serow.

Die Gesamtabwicklung des Projektes wurde von der HANSA HEAVY LIFT Mannschaft gewohnt professionell, schnell und sicher nach den Wünschen des Kunden umgesetzt.

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