Six Step Process

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quick, flexible in-house solutions made possible through the close cooperation of our highly skilled teams of transport engineers (Naval Architects and Structural Engineers) and ship management experts. Our six step process combined with our varied and integrated in-house expertise guarantees that your cargo is delivered safely and on-time wherever the destination.

A single point of contact will deal with your initial enquiry and look into the detail of your voyage. Before we quote for your voyage, our in-house engineering team will undertake a feasibility study.

Our objective is to provide a state-of-the-art technical solution with a strong focus on safety. Our in-house engineers will develop a solution to meet our customers‘ needs and deliver the best commercial offering.

Our expert in-house teams work together to define the detail of the project and generate a formal transport engineering enquiry listing all relevant customer requirements and the necessary drawings, calculations, and plans are made.

We prepare and coordinate a safe and punctual voyage refining processes and calculations to the appropriate level of detail and nominating the vessel. We create an overall voyage plan and appoint a cargo superintendent and transport engineer for complex cargos.

Your cargo is safely loaded, transported and discharged, on budget and on time.

We care about the quality of our performance and analyze the voyage, learn what went well, and see what can be improved.

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