We have an expert team of naval architects, and structural and welding engineers with shipyard, offshore and installation backgrounds, ensuring the safe lifting, sea fastening, transport, and final installation of your cargo. Thanks to our global structure of regional offices located strategically around the world, our engineers are always on-hand to assist you with your requests – anywhere in the world, at any time.

A strong line of communication as well as accurate and detailed flow of information is essential for the success of any project. In order to ensure that all parties have an aligned and clear vision of the project requirements, we maintain a direct line of communication with our clients, cargo manufacturers, and surveyors, as well as suppliers and all further subcontractors at every moment from start to end.

We perform in-house calculations and simulations using a wide variety of state-of-the-art software and calculation methods in line with all relevant engineering codes and standards.

Working exclusively with internal and permanent resources allows us to retain critical knowledge and experience, to be utilised for future projects.

Lifting Engineering

Being involved in projects from the early stages enables us to work hand in hand with our clients to develop tailor-made lifting solutions for any type of cargo. This includes, but is not limited to, the design of special lifting beams, custom lifting frames, spreaders, and lifting lugs.

When required, thanks to our in-house expertise and experience, we can provide options to modify and/or reinforce cargo units to produce safer and more economical lifting operations.

All our designs are approved by third parties such as classification societies, and follow generally acknowledged engineering practices and standards.

Sea fastening solutions

One of the main tasks of the HANSA HEAVY LIFT Engineering Department is to make the transport of cargo safer. We perform motion response calculations for the specific voyage route and time of year. In order to avoid damage to valuable cargo units, we design the most suitable and safest securing arrangement for the cargo on board our vessels, based on the motion induced forces.

Internationally recognised codes and standards are followed at design stage. Our experienced Project Engineers, Port Captains, and Crew also supervise this on board during heavy lift operations, worldwide.

Structural calculations

Our in-house team carries out structural calculations to assess the structural integrity of our vessels in waves and under loading operations. We mainly perform structural analyses for tailor-made solutions that have been developed for project specific requirements, which enables the lifting and securing of your cargo in a safer way.

Obtaining class approvals and negotiations with independent parties as well as on site supervision during the construction phase are also part of this task.


Ahead of each voyage; to ensure the highest degree of safety, we conduct hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analyses to give highly detailed, accurate predictions of any floating condition and motions at sea. Potential loads on the vessel and cargo unit are calculated by carrying out simulations of whole lifting operations, and analyses of dynamic behavior of vessels and cargo under and above water.

In order to be able to execute complex marine operations such as double banking and offshore installations, we review the environmental loads and perform mooring calculations to ensure vessels station keeping at any time.