We specialise in super heavy lift, heavy lift, and project cargo transportation and installation in the subsea oil and gas markets, as well as the offshore windfarm sector, handing extremely large shipments with the utmost care and precision. Our state-of-the-art vessels can deliver to most ports in the world independent of local infrastructure, and come equipped with very capable cranes able to lift up to 1, 400 metric tonnes, with maximum outreach capacity. Once a project is fixed a nominated project team works closely with the customer from the onset to completion of every project. Our in-house teams of engineers and naval architects can overcome any challenges and meet the requirements to ensure that even the most difficult tasks are completed successfully.


We are shipping entire power plants and related equipment involved in extracting and producing energy. The complexity of these cargoes is a challenge which we are always proud to meet. Our fleet enables us to safely carry any size of cargo involved in extracting and producing energy, right up to entire power plants. find out more


The renewable energy sector has grown at a very rapid pace over the last few years as demand increases for alternative and renewable energy sources. This trend is expected to continue as the costs of technology decreases and the desire to address environmental issues grows. Transporting cargo related to the extraction and production of energy, where items are often bulky and asymmetrical, requires extensive experience and engineering know-how, to handle.  find out more


Investments in infrastructure projects are increasing in many parts of the world, led by sectors such as roads, airports, power, and seaports. Experts predict infrastructure-related heavy lift projects will continue growing alongside for the coming years. Regardless of whether the tasks involve new transport routes such as canals, streets, harbor construction, granite removal, or land reclamation, the necessary equipment must arrive on time at the port of destination. find out more

General Cargo

The market environment for general cargo is still challenging with an unhealthy freight rate level caused by an imbalance of supply and demand. However, the overcapacity of tonnage has slightly improved, which helped to stabilise freight rate levels and we see a strong recovery in the near future, if the level of tonnage freshly entering the market continues to stay at the low numbers of these past few years, while simultaneously older tonnage is being scrapped. Last but not least, ongoing consolidation will also be needed to help the market to recover. find out more