Equipment for major new petrochemicals production complex in Russia

Cargo description: 60,000 cbm of petrochemicals equipment for the construction of SIBUR’s ZapSibNeftekhim polyolefin complex in Tobolsk, Russia
POL: Dalian, China + Ulsan and Masan, South Korea
POD: Antwerp, Belgium + Sabetta, Russia
Vessel name: The first part of the project, in 2016: HHL Tokyo and HHL Volga. The second part of the project, in 2017: HHL Lagos, HHL Valparaiso, HHL Venice and HHL Congo.
Vessel type: P2-1400, P1-Series, F-Series


  • Major project that required six vessels being used at their full capacity
  • Loading of HHL Lagos and HHL Valparaiso simultaneously at POL to coordinate operations
  • Ensuring the safety of the crews and the cargo from start to end
  • Extremely tight stowage to help increase the cost-effectiveness of each journey
  • Ensuring the vessels did not arrive at the port of discharge at the same time
  • Tight timeframe and strict requirements from parties involved
  • Each unit varied in size and length, requiring special attention for lifting and sea fastening