One loaded carousel and spooling tower

Cargo description: 1 loaded carousel & spooling tower – 1,718 mt 19 flexible reels and umbilical pipe Two anchor piles and accessories
POL: Aviles, Spain + Le Trait, France + Moss, Norway
POD: Lobito, Angola + Luanda, Angola offshore
Vessel name: HHL Tokyo
Vessel type: P2-1400


  • Loading and securing of high and heavy reels with maximum 300 mt / diam of 11.4 m
  • Spooling of carousel from shore facility at Le Trait and Moss
  • Hatch cover modifications to increase deck strength for carousel loading
  • Maximum utilization of vessel space – allowing two voyages to be combined to one
  • Biggest load out on any heavy lift vessel in customer history
  • Double banking with pipe laying vessel MV Deep Pioneer in Angola