Delivering giant cranes via the NSR

Cargo description: Two ship-to-shore container cranes each weighing 820 mt, at 61 m high and 92 m wide
POL: St. Petersburg, Russia
POD: Vostochny, Russia
Vessel name: HHL Valparaiso
Vessel type: P2-1400


  • A two-month delay in the cargo being ready meant that HHL Valparaiso had to be repositioned for the voyage
  • Crews had only a few weeks to complete the voyage
  • Limited space aboard the vessel
  • The cranes were not designed to be lifted, requiring careful planning from all parties involved in the move
  • Due to the STS’s very high centre of gravity (CoG) at 30 metres above deck and 70 metres air draft, as well as draft restriction of 7.7 metres, a careful and detailed plan was required
  • This included a load spreading design and a structural analysis of the hatch covers and lower hold, a lifting stability assessment, a lifting simulation, fulfilment of Flag State requirements (open hatch, visibility, arctic weather conditions, COLREGs*), and the approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, as well as the arranging of ice breaker assistance