Delivering three tugs from Singapore to Russia

Cargo description: 3 Tugs • Tug 1 (33.7 X 10.6 X 22.3 X / 467t) • Tug 2 (31.1 X 9.5 X 11.8 / 377) • Tug 3 (31.0 X 9.0 X 4.3 / 312t)
POL: Singapore
POD: Vladivostok
Vessel name: HHL New York
Vessel type: P2-800


  • A short timeframe meant a cost-effective and time-efficient solution had to be found in order to lift and accommodate all three tugs onboard
  • Tailor-made steel structures had to be designed, manufactured, and a different type of additional material supplied at very short notice
  • Thanks to our in-house project management, operational, and engineering expertise, the project was planned in detail, and the process managed smoothly and executed successfully on-site
  • For this specific project, on-site cargo inspections were crucial to detect any possible risks and to take the necessary safety measures to ensure a flawless operation
  • During hooking-on, divers monitored progress to ensure everything went as planned, underwater