Movement of a bunker barge to Mazatlán, Mexico

Cargo description: Bunker Barge Arca 1, Length 53.37m, Breadth 12.51m, Weight 575t
POL: Sydney, Nova Scotia
POD: Mazatlan, Mexico
Vessel name: HHL Tokyo
Vessel type: P2-1400


  • Working hand-in-hand with our client from the onset of the project, to develop the most suitable and workable lifting solution for this specific cargo
  • Since the barge was not designed to be lifted, several analyses had to be carried out to identify the problematic areas regarding the lifting operations
  • Precautions were taken to ensure the structural integrity of the unit
  • In the early stages of the project, on-site cargo inspections were conducted by our in-house engineers
  • Divers performed underwater inspections prior to the loading and during hooking-on
  • In order to reduce motion induced forces acting on the unit during the voyage, the barge was placed in the cargo hold, which meant some re-installable protruding parts needed to be removed for sea transportation
  • Due to the shape of the barge, in-house designed stanchions were used to secure the cargo onboard