Open hatch sailing through Bosporus

Cargo description: 2 partly assembled cranes Each crane with a weight of 405 mt 22.6 m x 12.9 m x 43.0 m Both cranes stowed on rails and got rolled into final position in cargo hold – sticking out on deck 1 crane with a weight of 210 mt 22.6 m x 12.9 m x 22.5 m Stowed on
POL: Split, Croatia
POD: Yuzhny, Ukraine
Vessel name: HHL Venice
Vessel type: P1-800


  • Draft restrictions alongside:
    On average only seven meters – Hence the clearance below keel was sometimes only 50 cm during the lift
  • Lifting height:
    The lifting points on the unit were at a height of 28 m which was quite challenging with regards to vessels' available lifting height
  • Swing through:
    The lifting was simulated before the lift by the use of internal 3D software with the result that the clearance between vessels cranes and cargo was less than 50 cm during loading
  • Cargo height:
    Cargo units were too high to put them on deck and so we had to put two of them under deck and sail open hatch
  • Installation at POD:
    One crane was shipped dismantled, HANSA HEAVY LIFT had to install the crane at POD. The two fully erected cranes we put onto the rails