Sailing through the Bosporus with four RTG cranes on deck

Cargo description: 4 rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTG)s 29.0 m x 12.0 m x 24.0 m weighing 132 mt
POL: Odessa, Ukraine
POD: Damietta, Egypt
Vessel name: HHL Kobe
Vessel type: P2-800


  • Creation of a “flying deck” to accommodate all four pieces of cargo on deck
  • Special attention required for placing flying deck and drive-way pontoons on hatch covers
  • Due to the cargo’s height, several 3D simulations took place in the planning stage to find the perfect manoeuvre to avoid the boom structure of the vessel’s cranes coming into contact with the unit during placement
  • A small gap of 9 cm was left between two of the RTGs so one of the vessel’s own cranes could be brought to a resting position to comply with air draft restrictions in Bosporus Strait