Ship Loader for Punta Lackwater/Chile

Cargo description: Ship Loader 2 tower segments with a weight of 235 mt each 12.37 m x 10.62 m x 18.42 m Loader segment 1 with a weight of 450 mt 60.65 m x 11.20 m x 14.27 m Loader segment 2 with a weight of 450 mt 60.65 m x 11.20 m x 15.05 m
POL: Bremen, Germany
POD: Punta Lackwater, Chile
Vessel name: HHL Tokyo
Vessel type: P2-1400


  • Optimum stowage,
    limited lifting possibilities due to the height of installation works in Punta Lackwater
  • Exact installation works on board the vessel (connecting of center pillar), support by guiding systems on the dolphins, towers and loaders
  • “Semi-Offshore” installation using vessels‘ gear (800 m from shore side), few mooring facilities in Punta Lackwater, several shifting operations of the vessel during installation works, also with cargo on the hooks (supported by tugs)