Shipment of a petroleum barge to Banana, Democratic Republic of Congo

Cargo description: Petroleum barge, 71,65 x 12,30 x 6,90m – 410t
POL: Antwerp ABES/KN terminal berth 356
POD: Banana, Congo river
Vessel name: HHL Venice
Vessel type: P1-800


  • Working closely with the client, lifting frames were carefully selected to ensure the structural integrity of the unit. Due to the length of the barge, limited clearance between the unit and the crane structure were allowed, requiring careful planning
  • Several simulations were carried out in order to avoid any possible clashes and ensure that the cargo landed safely on deck
  • Since the barge was not designed to be lifted (no integrated lifting lugs), belly slinging was mandatory
  • Poly grommets were used to protect the sharp edges of the unit.
  • Corner protectors had to be carefully placed at the lifting locations by divers in order to prevent any damage to the lifting grommets 
  • Underwater inspections were carried out by divers prior to loading and during hooking-on
  • Hard-wood blocks were used as protection in order to avoid the poly grommets coming into contact with the rubber fenders