Transportation of two giant ship unloaders

Cargo description: Ship unloader, 28.0m x 38.5m x 58.0m / 870t each 2 separate units, two consecutive voyages
POL: Tilbury, the UK
POD: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Vessel name: HHL Tokyo
Vessel type: P2-1400


  • Limited data available in the planning stages, including no precise weight or centre of gravity (COG) information due to the age of the units
  • Cranes were not designed to be lifted, mandating a complex lifting arrangement
  • A Mooring Analysis was also carried out to find the most effective mooring arrangement for the required station-keeping of the vessel
  • A Motion Response Analysis, using Global Wave Statistics seasonal data, to assess the maximum motion induced forces acting on the cargo during the voyage
  • Based on analyses undertaken, the required amount of seafastening points were designed and placed on the strong points of the units which made the ship unloaders suitable for transport