Transporting two minehunting naval ships between France and UA

Cargo description: Two minehunting naval ships, each weighing 670 metric tonnes and measuring 51.50 x 8.90 x 3.80 metres
POL: Brest, France, and Persian Gulf
POD: Persian Gulf, and Brest, France
Vessel name: HHL Fremantle
Vessel type: P2-1400


  • Vigilance when handling each ship due to their sensitivity
  • Extreme weather issues, with high winds in France and intense heat in the Persian Gulf at 46C, requiring air conditioning installation
  • Restricted access at the ports, which were located in military bases
  • Coordination between varying authorities, and re-flagging requirements
  • Adjustments to the loadspreading at the keel and cradle belting to avoid overloading the fiberglass hull
  • Both minehunters needed electrical connection for the duration of the journeys, requiring extra transformers
  • Accommodation modules were rented and connected for additional technicians from the charterer, who also travelled on-board
  • Ensuring all parties involved were synchronised
  • Divers having to position the cradles under water amid high winds
  • Carrying out a full bunker’s replenishment at both ports before loading
  • Tight outreach of the cranes, which meant crews had to rearrange the keel blocks whilst the cargo was hanging on the hooks